This online catalog is not a commercial website, it is just a catalog with photos of actual paintings (which I have available) arranged by style, by categories, by the stock numbers and dimensions.

Useful Suggestion: When you come across the painting you like, just click on it and you will see a larger image.

All paintings have dimensions stated, and each image/painting has a stock number... Looking at any painting, you will notice specific stock number. Example: A3648125 - it means that the category is "Abstract", dimensions are 36" x 48" and the stock number is 125. Paintings in each category are posted starting with smaller dimensions such as 8" x 10", 16" x 20", 20" x 24", then 24" x 36" and finally 36" x 48".

Please keep "clicking" through the catalog pages and subject categories. As you move forward, you will be able to see LARGER and BETTER QUALITY PAINTINGS*

*Cost of the paintings is based on the degree of the difficulty involved in painting of any particular artwork and on the size of the painting.

You are welcome to call me with any questions 1 760 803 7100 or to send me an email to: info@artpaintings4less.com. Barter is also possible if you have something of real value.

Thank you.